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DWL Architects


Polly Rosenbaum State Archives & History Building

Designed to express the enduring values and character of Arizona, the colors and shapes of the 124,330 square foot Archives Building suggest a desert cliff face, sculpted over the years by wind and water. Small furrows at the top of each facade combine as they descend to form larger grooves. Light tans, reds, and browns merge together, accentuated by turquoise glass windows to suggest the land and sky that have drawn millions to Arizona over the years.

This two-story facility was designed to store and preserve state archives, artifacts and public records, which require special climate controls and protection from environmental and mechanical hazards. While collaborating with 12 expert consultants and specialists, DWL created more than two dozen specialized areas for working with artifacts and rare documents. The facility includes a treatment room, conservation lab, cold photography lab, staff work areas, audio-visual room and a public hearing room. From freezer storage to conservation labs, the building is a cutting-edge sanctum of high-tech equipment and safety precautions. It is designed to protect against every conceivable threat, from fire and water damage to theft and even terrorist attack.


  • Southwest Contractor’s Best of Award, Mechanical /Electrical, 2008
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