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DWL Architects


Global Launch Expansion @ Arizona State University

The goal of the Global Launch program is to serve students from around the world in helping them with the English language and professional skills. After successfully completing the program, many students transition into ASU to start their degree. Global Launch also remotely assists educators from around the world in developing their own programs.

This 12,395 s.f. renovation to the south portion of the Computing Commons Building’s third floor expanded the Global Launch program and updated the old facility with a contemporary design. The inspiration was ‘world travel’: the high curved ceiling mimics that of an airline cabin, and drop ceilings represent the world globe; the blue in the carpet pattern traces the arc of the globe ceilings above, connecting the individual spaces. It was important to convey a welcoming feel for visiting international students and educators – from the reception desk to the variety of open and glass-enclosed meeting spaces.

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