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DWL Architects


City of Glendale, Foothills Branch Library

DWL designed the Foothills Branch Library’s 33,500 square foot curved floor plan in response to the constraints of its site. With five acres to accommodate the building and required site elements, the curve prevented the library from appearing cramped between its access road and the neighboring park. The exterior’s tri-color brickwork, laid in a Native American basket weave pattern, matches the colors of nearby hills, rocks and grasses, blending the building with its desert environment.

The primary design goal for this project was to eliminate damaging direct sunlight. North-facing window walls admit indirect light, and the east and west walls feature “lizard eyes” – protruding wall sections housing north-facing windows. Internally, the curved walls create the illusion that there is always something more to see around the bend. Floor patterns, furnishings and artwork echo this free-formed theme.

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