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DWL Architects


City of Yuma Pacific Avenue Athletic Complex (PAAC)

The City of Yuma’s Pacific Avenue Athletic Complex (PAAC), is a 50-acre site designated for elite tournament play. It consists of six 325 foot, lighted softball fields for league and tournament play, an irrigation storage lake, concessions building, state-of-the-art PA system and digital scoreboards, an outdoor cafe, meeting/umpire room, playground and more. The project is located on the northwest corner of Pacific Avenue and 8th Street, adjacent to the Bureau of Reclamation levee and canal, in the vicinity of Yuma’s historic downtown area.

The PAAC site is unique in the sense that it pays tribute to its past and is returning to a point of convergence. The new PAAC establishes the site as a gathering point of diverse groups with the same interests, similar to what happened many years ago in the City of Yuma. Historically, Yuma served as a point in the American Southwest, where people once traveled from more than 1,000 miles away in all directions to cross the Colorado River. Now, a new place of pride for the citizens of Yuma, the PAAC design is heavily influenced by this theme of convergence through the visual quality of the athletic complex, various hardscape patterns, shading structures and seating areas with the focal point being the main concessions building.

The master plan concept includes batting cages, green open spaces with hardscape and natural landscape areas, lighted walking paths, restrooms, ramadas, walking and biking trails, and connected pathways. Other improvements include wayfinding signage for pathways and key points of interest that will highlight the City of Yuma’s history. It is a phased project and some of the parking spaces, batting cages, BBQ ramadas, and restrooms, are scheduled to be in the future phase.

Maintenance Building Size: 1,795 SF
Concession/Restroom Building Size: 8,512 SF
Park Restroom Building Size: 378 SF
Completion Date: September 2017

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