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DWL Architects

Sean’s extensive travels and professional training through both small boutique and large, international architecture firms provides him with a creative platform to continue his focus on designing buildings that enrich our communities and the way we live. His design experience includes award-winning projects, featuring residential, commercial and community architecture that provides memories, encourages the imagination and provokes the user’s curiosity.

As a registered architect and LEED accredited professional with a masters of architecture from Arizona State University, Sean has developed a distinctive creative skill set, allowing him to translate a client’s needs and ideas into uniquely innovative and functional, yet environmentally sustainable design solutions. With each project, comes a new experience – Sean’s approach is to create timeless architecture in harmony with the natural elements within our environment.

“The essence of a building is derived from a
thorough understanding of site and program,
combined with the exploration of context
and place, quality of light and space, and
materials and their qualitative events. This leads
to the creation of a unique and memorable
atmosphere for each of our clients.”

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