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DWL Architects

As a licensed pilot, Sandra joined DWL to guide her architectural career toward the design of
airport facilities. She has fused this personal interest in aviation with her previous architectural
experience in retail architecture to design projects and enhance the experience in airports
around the Southwest. As an expert in airport design, she has executed all phases of design and
construction administration.

With her in-depth aviation experience, Sandra understands the specific issues as they relate
to planning and airport operations. Sandra integrates her design solutions into the fabric of
an existing airport by reinvigorating spaces, and improving both passenger experience and
functionality. She believes the ultimate achievement is to improve more than the facility but the
entire community and experience that surrounds the facility.

“My life-long passion as a pilot inspires my design process. My desire is to create dynamic community spaces that are appreciated by the traveling public, yet are operationally efficient. With my background and experience, I am able to visualize and understand airports, airplanes and the users at an exclusive level.”

Recent Projects:


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